Gas Lines

Gas line leaks are rare but extremely dangerous. A leak occurs when the pipe transporting gas from one location to another acquires a tear or scratch, usually from high pressure. A leak can be detected by a “rotten egg” smell. In which case, it is recommended you shut off gas valves in your home, do not turn on electrical appliances, do not smoke, and give the utility company a call. There are also propane gas lines, which must be installed correctly and legally along with the propane tank to ensure a safe and reliable service.

At Central Valley Plumbing (CVP), we have the tools and skills to provide quality gas line installation and repair for your home or business in Hollister, Tres Pinos, San Juan Bautista, Gilroy, Watsonville or Salinas. We go out of our way to offer excellent service, no matter the size or scope of the work. Call CVP today at (831) 756-1815 – our team is equipped to evaluate the space and set up of the gas line that is best for you.

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