Boilers & Steam Systems

Boiler and steam systems are closed containers where water is heated, and steam is created or superheated. The boiler heats up producing evaporated water, which is then transported via pipe systems. Boilers can have a long lifespan and it is important to check up on them once in a while. If your boiler is more than 20 years old, you can even have them upgraded with more energy-efficient options. Boiler systems use a great amount of energy and boiler inspections are necessary to avoid any potential accidents.

Central Valley Plumbing (CVP) offers routine maintenance to ensure all systems are working properly. Call CVP at (831) 756-1815 today, so our professionals can evaluate, install, repair, and recommend a cost-effective solution perfectly fitted for your facility in Hollister, Tres Pinos, San Juan Bautista, Gilroy, Watsonville or Salinas.

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