Camera Sewer Inspection

Seeing is believing! And you’re going to want to see what lies within your pipes. Central Valley Plumbing (CVP) uses state-of-the-art camera inspection equipment to collect visual information about the condition of your pipelines. A camera at the end of a long cable is put through the sewer line, and images can be viewed on a monitor and recorded for later viewing.

A camera sewer inspection can be done to ensure there is no blockage, no cracking, and everything is working properly throughout the pipes. You have the opportunity to see what’s going on beneath the surface of your property and possibly avoid expensive repairs by catching issues early on. Our experts, here at CVP, guarantee your sewer repair to be executed with the skill and attention it needs. Give us a call at (831) 756-1815 and we will work hard to give you a detailed report, so you can make an informed decision when addressing your plumbing options in Hollister, Tres Pinos, San Juan Bautista, Gilroy, Watsonville or Salinas.

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