Hydro Jetting

Blockages in a plumbing system can lead to a clog in your drains. If your plunger won’t get the job done, you may need something more powerful. Minor sewer line stoppages can often be eliminated with a plumbing snake, which is placed in the drain and cranked to extend to the problem area. Hydro Jetting consists of a high-pressure water hose that pushes grease, roots and other debris through the drain for a complete clean out.

At Central Valley Plumbing (CVP), our dedicated technicians can blast away any blockages and restore peace to your pipes in Hollister, Tres Pinos, San Juan Bautista, Gilroy, Watsonville or Salinas. Our services are thorough and effective, call CVP at (831) 756-1815 today and ask about hydro jetting.

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